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About Us: Headliner

We are the Eastport Peninsula Recreation and Wellness Committee  -- EP Wellness for short. We create ways here to live healthy, happy and productive lives. We are volunteers from all across our peninsula from each of our seven communities, from all walks of life. We are adults and kids, parents and grandparents, come from aways and locals.

We report to the Eastport Peninsula Joint Council, and through this organization to all citizens, residents, visitors and guests on the Eastport Peninsula.  If you want to get involved, in any capacity, we need you!! 

The committee includes town and municipal representatives from Sandringham, Eastport, Happy Adventure, Sandy Cove, Salvage, Burnside and St. Chad's.  

Committee members belong to a mailing list where we discuss issues and plans between meetings, and share reports, news, and information. 

Parks Canada glam shot of us hosting Wellness Day 2019

Our mission — to develop activities, facilities, programs and to provide education, encouragement and empowerment, which will enhance physical and mental wellness for all residents of the Eastport Peninsula, regardless of age or ability.

Our vision — to make the Eastport Peninsula a role model for physical and mental wellness in the province.

Committee Members


Cayla, Candy, and Carolyn


Donna, Kim, Genevieve







Bessie, Audrey, Denise, Amanda, Karl, Monica

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