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Most of our activities are free or very low cost. We aim to make everything we do and support accessible to every single person on the peninsula (and the married ones too, of course). If there are fees associated, this will always be mentioned up front.


All the activities and events we plan are open to everyone of all ages and abilities, genders and races, etc. Please join us, and if ever you have a concern about accessibility for you or anyone else, just give us a shout.

We abide by our provincial and federal human rights codes.

We recognize the inherent dignity and worth of all people, that we all have equal rights and opportunities and should live free from discrimination and harassment.

Please contact our Rights and Privacy Officer with any concern you may have.

Special Projects and Fundraising

Much of our work is supported by external granting agencies and generous philanthropists. For more information on all the amazing support we have received, please review our Special Projects. We always welcome and acknowledge donations and grant funds here.

Instagram contributors wanted

All artwork on EP Wellness has been created by our volunteers. We'd love to include your recreation and wellness photos and art as well!! To contribute your work, follow our Instagram account, EPWellnessNL. Photos and videos are just below. :)

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