DIARY: Edible trees

On June 7th, 2019, EP Wellness welcomed 23 Newfoundland Power employees. The project, Green the Neck, consisted in a grant for $5,000 which we used to buy baby trees, edible trees. And edible shrubs and edible plants. A bit of soil and gravel, some perennials for planters. 200 feet of hose and a nozzle, a few brooms (because what neck doesn't need a good brooming now and again), and not quite enough rope.

The day was quite something. NL Power foils in their t-shirts matching up with our busy tractors. People were digging holes, moving lumber, and shoveling soil. Essentially all day. And the weather held wonderfully.

Lunch was catered by our amazing EP Wellness volunteers. Soups and chilies and sandwiches, and lots of water. Did we mention sunscreen or games? Those too!

The gist:

47 trees were planted.

Almost 200 edible shrubs and plants were planted.

7 planters of perennials were built and set up.

We added fence posts and hose.

Okay. So today is July 19th, 2019, roughly six weeks later.

Some remarkable things have been happening.

All our plants are alive still!!!!

Many bore flowers. Visit the female kiwi this week. She flowers a little late.

Many of the plants are bearing fruit now, baby fruit. The surprising success are pears. There's an apple or two. Very many currants. And tons of little gooseberries.

The strawberry plants are between flower and fruit. And then there are the gooseberries. Just wow. They are perhaps as happy as pears.

But most surprising and positive, thanks to the very minimal fencing, the earth under the trees has wildflowers and a bit of green.

Although the plan was to create a free food forest for our community, and although we called it "Green the Neck", I never fully expected the area to become green. I look forward to next year as the earth comes alive.

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