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DIARY: Edible Trees Aug 03 02019


Yellow Transparent apple, August 2019.
Yellow Transparent apple, August 2019.

15 apple trees:

  • 4 Freedom

  • 2 Liberty

  • 4 Red Free

  • 4 Yellow Transparent

  • 1 Harry's Delight (donated to our project by the lovely nursery at Hare Bay)

We learned that apple trees want to be planted about 25' apart. Each needs a pollinator close by, a different kind of apple tree. So we mixed up the apple trees. Most of them were in flower when we brought them to the Neck. A few flowered after. And we have a few fruit this year. The lovely baby apple above is a Yellow Transparent, perhaps the hardiest of the 5 varieties we selected.

In selecting specific trees, we choose ones that had over wintered at least one year in Newfoundland, and were likeliest to adapt well to the Eastport Peninsula climate: wind snow wind rain wind. With 5 varieties and 15 trees, we should learn which varietal does best for us on the sandy rocky soil surrounding our rink. So far, Harry's Delight appears strongest, and the Yellow Transparent trees bear a few fruit. Here's hoping liberty and freedom do well here too.

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