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Fruit & Veg - Not plastic

Ever try to buy your grocery list with out coming home with your cloth bag full of items wrapped in plastic? It's quite the challenge - not to mention frustrating. This is the time of year to start planting, but not so much harvesting. If you are just as annoyed as I am here are some tips.

Ask staff at your favourite stores if you can get around it somehow. Shop a certain day? Pre orders? Special orders? Ask if there is product 'out back' that has not yet been wrapped up?

We do not have a big box store but we can still order bulk from the stores in our area. This will not work well for all items, but I did order a case of dates and saved a few plastic bags that way.

And sometimes - I let staff know that the reason I did not buy the food item is because it comes with too much plastic. Tell them nicely, though. They may even share your concern.

Consumer dollars count.

Less plastic more beach.

Here is a link to sign a petition to ditch grocery store plastic:

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