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Walking With Health!

Walking is a very efficient and practical way to stay healthy. You can walk 100 meters to 100 kilometres a day, and, no matter the distance it still makes a difference!

According to BetterHealth.Gov walking improves the overall health of your lungs and heart, it reduces the risk of heart disease and the chance of having a stroke. Walking helps manage and maintain a vast number of diseases. For example, walking helps with high blood pressure, diabetes, and high cholesterol, and helps to ease the pain of joint and muscles stiffness. Aside from easing the pain of muscle stiffness it also helps build up and strengthen your muscles!

Although walking is a fun and easy way to stay and become fit you also have to take care of yourself on walks. You must drink plenty of water and pack a few snacks just in case you get hungry along the way. But make sure you bring healthy snacks only!

Aside from all the health benefits of walking you also can see some great things along the way: some of the spots in the peninsula are worthy walking to go see like Eastport Beach, Sandycove Head, the Salvage Trails, and many more.

Just because you're walking doesn't mean you have to stick to the side of the road. You can take the more scenic routes and embrace the beauty of the land.

I hope from this blog you're inspired to put on a pair of shoes and to start walk! Join me every week this summer walking EP style.

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